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Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain Caught in Hypocrisy-Fest

As Andrew Golis says, this is why Rachel Maddow matters. As of last week, had a liberal journalist like Ari Berman broken a news story like this it would have been published on The Nation, picked up in some blogs, and then it would have died. Now, it’s on television:
Long story short, John McCain who hates lobbyists and celebrities decided to spend his seventieth birthday partying on a yacht off the shore of Montenegro with an Italian con man and his movie star girlfriend, a meeting organized by a lobbyist who also happens to be McCain’s campaign manager.
I'm so glad Rachel's on the TV machine now. I'm sure I'm missing a hypocrisy here, but we've got:

  1. McCain hanging with the hated lobbyist.
  2. McCain hanging with the hated celebrity.
  3. McCain being all elitist on a yacht in Montenegro.

I'll bet they served arugula and lattes.

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