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Monday, August 16, 2010

Griper Blade: Reactions to President Obama's Friday Statement

Future location of Cordoba HouseI'm in danger of becoming "Ground Zero mosque" central. I've written three posts about it over the weekend and here I am writing one more. Since President Obama's statement on the subject was on Friday, a lot of people simmered over the weekend waiting to write about it. Now that it's Monday, the simmering is over and it's time to serve.

A good place to start would be at the very beginning. Luckily,'s Justin Elliott goes all the way back to the time that no one cared about Cordoba House (yes, that time actually existed) and tracks the timeline from local news story to manufactured national outrage. The short version of this story is that Islamophobic wingnut blogger Pam Geller is a very useless and awful person. May history remember her jerkitude.

Another piece worth reading is by TIME's Mark Halperin. In "Obama's Islamic-Center Stance: Why the GOP Shouldn't Run Against It," Halperin spells out how Republicans could take advantage of Obama's support of the First Amendment to fearmonger their way to bigger wins in November. Obama's statement on Cordoba House "opened the door so wide that walking through it will be effortless," he writes. But then continues...[CLICK TO READ FULL POST]

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