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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ground Zero Should be a Glenn Beck-Free Zone

I wish I'd come across this when I was writing the roundup today. Cenk Uygur and Dylan Rattigan discuss the propriety of allowing Glenn Beck anywhere near Ground Zero.

The only thing I'd add here is that Dylan Ratigan has a really bad habit of asking absurdly long, complicated questions. Whenever I see him, I always wind up thinking, "Shut up and get to the question mark already!" Seriously, is he the only guy at MSNBC who's paid by the word?

That aside, if you see Glenn Beck near Ground Zero, it's your patriotic duty to walk up to him and say, "Git! Git!" It's not the law, but it is what's right. You know that in your special American heart.

ETA: Whoops! Almost forgot. This came to my attention as a twitter petition. Go to and reweet it to sign. Maybe we can get this to be law after all.

Or definitely not. But that doesn't stop it from being funny.

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