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Friday, August 27, 2010

Refusing to be Satisfied with Anything Regarding Park51

Mad HatterBad news for lunatics: Park51 may qualify for tax-free financing. The rightwing nutjobs at Weasel Zippers are outraged... OUTRAGED!! "I’m sure the ACLU and Islamist-loving Lefturds will be outraged by this violation of separation of church and state," writes some dumbass or other. Actually, TIF funding is used for religious projects all the time and no one seems to have a problem with it. It's not like this is the first time it's ever come up.

However, just last month WZ posted another story about how the Park51 builders had rejected an offer for an alternative site by Gov. Patterson, linking to this NY1 story (emphasis mine):

The developer of the controversial mosque in Lower Manhattan says he is open to Governor David Paterson’s offer to help find another site for the project.

Paterson is volunteering another site on state owned property for the Islamic Center.

He says there needs to be greater dialogue to try and soothe everyone’s fears.

That deal fell through, as it was widely expected to and as Park51 organizers suggested to the reporter. The reaction of WZ to this giveaway of taxpayer owned land? They were all for it and outraged -- OUTRAGED!! -- that the Islamo-fascist Muslim community center builders didn't take it. "Why would they voluntarily move it when the mosque next to Ground Zero is a tribute to the Islamist victory on 9/11?" the post asks -- as incredulously as it does stupidly.

So accepting taxpayer funding: BOO!!

Rejecting taxpayer funding: BOO!!

How can anyone take these people seriously when they're so inconsistent? I suppose it's because the readers are as insane as the writers. One minute, black is black, the next black is white, then black is a baby koala in a tophat drinking lemonade. Only a lunatic or an imbecile would be able to look at these contradictory stances and say, "Hell yeah!" to all of them.

But that's the right for you; cognitive dissonance all the way.

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