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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Are We Finally Seeing the Fighting Obama Again?

Kind of amplifying the point I made in my earlier post, Rachel Maddow argues that President Obama has come to realize that you can't make deals with Republicans, you have to fight them, and that this realization is good news to the Democratic base that will reverberate in November.

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But John Dickerson sounds a note of caution at Slate.

I've heard this enthusiasm before over the last few months. Each time Obama has amped up his political rhetoric, Democrats have heralded the star player of the 2008 season's return to the field. I heard it when he made the final decision to push through health care reform without Republican support, and when he took on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell over Wall Street reform. But each time, the elated soon became dejected. The push wasn't sustained. Obama stepped back off the field.

What will happen this time? Will the president stay in campaign mode, pressing the case against Republicans, or will he retreat after this week?

Here's hoping someone in the White House is a Dickerson fan. Those two paragraphs need to be printed out, framed, and put on every wall of every office in the building.

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