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Monday, September 27, 2010

Obama: GOP Pledge "Not a Serious Approach"

President Obama takes a swing at the GOP's "Pledge to America." With a bat.


President Barack Obama is responding to the GOP's so-called "pledge to America," saying the newly unveiled 21-page document is nothing more than a continuation of "irresponsible policies."

"What I'm seeing out of the Republican leadership over the last several years has been a set of policies that are just irresponsible. And we saw in their 'Pledge to America' a similar set of irresponsible policies," he told NBC's Matt Lauer Monday morning.

"They propose $4 trillion worth of tax cuts and $16 billion in spending cuts and they say we're going to somehow magically balance the budget," the president continued. "That's not a serious approach. So the question for voters over the next five weeks is who is putting forward policies that have a chance to move our country forward."

Things aren't going so well for the "pledge." As I posted yesterday, the DNC pointed out that they've already broken it and now finds that it's riddled with bullshit claims. It's likely that Republicans are going to have to come up with honest-to-goodness real ideas soon and it's clear they've got nothing. They may be starting next year already up a creek without a paddle and I don't see any way that this can work out for them in the long run.

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