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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Obama Officially Running Against Boehner

Got this email from Organizing for America, President Obama's organizational effort:

Terry --

The special interests in Washington are not happy, and it's because of something you did.

Since President Obama moved into the White House, this movement has stripped them of their influence, proving we could take on the lobbyists and corporate cash with good, old-fashioned organizing.

Now these groups are vowing to get payback in the fall elections -- and they have put all their chips on one man: Congressman John Boehner.

Third-party organizations have already spent millions to help Republicans take over the House and make him Speaker -- and you can bet there are millions more to come in the form of nasty TV ads and shadowy robo-calls before November.

Here's how we fight back: the largest-scale voter turnout effort this party has ever assembled in an election like this.

Another grassroots supporter has promised to match, dollar for dollar, whatever you can chip in today. These matched donations add up fast -- and right now there are 3,211 donations across the country waiting to be doubled.

Don't leave this money on the table -- donate $5 or more today and double your impact.

It's easy to see why these special interests picked John Boehner. This is a guy who first made national news 14 years ago when he was caught handing out checks from tobacco lobbyists on the House floor.

John Boehner said he did nothing wrong -- he was simply helping out his lobbyist friends.

And, in all of the fights we've waged together these past 20 months, he's been these special interests' right-hand man.

He teamed up with financial lobbyists to do everything he could to stall Wall Street reform and even took time before the vote on health reform to scream "Hell no!" over and over again from the podium.

If John Boehner is handed the Speaker's gavel, all that is wrong with Washington is back in business. Their plans are simple -- unravel what this movement has done and stand in the way of the rest of President Obama's agenda. Some Republican leaders have even threatened to shut down the government to get their way -- a heartless move that would hold Social Security checks hostage and shut down veterans' hospitals across the country.

With just 48 days to go until the election, this movement is the only thing standing in John Boehner's way.

Take advantage of this opportunity to piggy-back on another grassroots supporter's promise. Help fund our effort to fight back against Republicans and keep America moving forward.

Chip in $5 today to get your donation doubled:



Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

I've seen some worrying that making Boehner the face of the GOP may not be a good idea, especially when the tea party is so freakin' nuts -- you've got a stationary target right there. But the fact is that House minority leader John Boehner, despite holding one of the highest positions in his party, is relatively unknown to people who aren't political junkies; i.e., most voters. This makes him kind of a blank slate. People probably already know how they feel about teabaggers and a campaign against them probably wouldn't change too many people's perceptions or light fires under too many more behinds. But the Obama team seems to be doing what Republicans have made a habit of doing, defining the opposition before the opposition defines itself.

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