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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/14/10

It's primary day in a lot of places, SO VOTE!. Now here's the news...

Rep. Bob Filner does the right thing/is awesome.

The Mott's strike is over. CEO keeps his big paycheck, new workers won't have pensions. Sucks.

Words you don't often see in this combination: "Republican filibuster dies." It looks like a filibuster of middle-class tax cuts may not go anywhere, either. Probably because the people are still with the dems on this one. Nancy Pelosi looks into holding the vote on it before the elections.

Fox News releases a bunch of new election polls. Here's why you shouldn't get too excited about them.

New Yorkers learn firsthand that electronic voting machines suck. My advice, tear them all out and throw them in the Hudson... Naw, just kidding. They're hazardous e-waste. Always recycle your voting machines when you're in rebellion.

CNN says there will be a "major" announcement tomorrow by DNC head Tim Kaine "that will excite Democrats across the country." Unless it involves Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, and a catapult, I'll probably be less overjoyed about it than they might imagine.

Repealing "Don't ask, don't tell" could get rolling as early as next week.

Finally, High fructose corn syrup has a (deservedly) bad rep. So manufacturers have a fix: call it "corn sugar" on ingredient labels. Problem is, "corn sugar" already exists; it's called dextrose and is something else entirely. Next, cigarette companies will want to call tobacco "salad."

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