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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/15/10

Has a fountain of youth been discovered? If so, it may not be worth it. Now here's the news...

Brad Reed at Crooks and Liars really, really, really likes Russ Feingold. Time to drop the Cheddarbomb.

Castle drops a shovelful of dirt into Christine O'Donnell's electoral grave as he exits the stage. Republican leadership drop another shovelful. Meanwhile, more evidence of her psychosis (that is, if you needed more) comes to light. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, O'Donnell is definitely the story of the day. But don't tell Christine about that; suddenly she has nothing to say about herself. And who's this Chris Coons guy? Does it even matter?

Religious right steals from international pancake chain. Pancake chain is not amused.

Ending Bush's tax cuts for the rich is a political gimme. On the same issue, Republicans no longer give a shit about the deficit.

A 9/11 widow asks, "How did '9/11 victim' become sloppy shorthand for 'white Christian'?"

Meg Whitman tries to buy the California gubernatorial race by spending more on her own campaign than any candidate in American history. Make it a waste of money, Californians.

This time for sure; Obama to choose Elizabeth Warren for top consumer watchdog position... Definitely probably maybe.

No racism here.

Finally, what happened to that big exciting DNC announcement we were supposed to get today? I guess it turned out to be a bad day to roll out a big, shiny new something or other. We're all goofy over O'Donnell.

Well, this is the big announcement -- a website. Certainly a lot less earth-shattering than we were led to believe. And Democrats wonder why voters aren't more excited. I left a comment asking when the dems hired Michael Steele. We'll see how long that stays up.

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