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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/16/10

The city is currently tearing up the street in front of my place. Living on a dirt road isn't nearly as quaint and rustic as you've been led to believe. Now here's the news...

Ann Coulter manages to screw up someone's life without even trying, by being a little too unspecific about the name of a journalist she was smearing. Entertaining -- but completely undeserved -- hatemail from outraged wingnuts ensues. For the record, wingnut hatemail is almost always hilarious. Sometimes I wish I got more of it. But only if they tYPE LIKE ThEy"RE USInG xYLoFfONE MALLeTS !!

Apparently, people still give a crap about Terry Jones. Move on people, it's done.

Progress. Out of Washington. No, really!

Christine O'Donnell on the horrors of mice with human brains.

FOX News  has story up right now titled, "White House Circulates Tax Talking Points to Democrats Amid Backlash." But that wasn't the original headline when they posted it. Originally, the title was "President Poll: Nearly Half Oppose Tax Hikes on Wealthy" -- which is reflected in the URL,

The problem: the poll shows that 55% are for ending Bush's tax cuts for the rich, while 44% (nearly half!) are against it. Judging from when the entry was submitted to reddit, the headline was changed sometime within the last six hours (as of about 2:30 central, when I first saw it). Apparently, even FOX News has some shame... Surprise!

Although, it looks like it might've been retitled after more info was added and it changed the lede of the piece. So maybe they don't have any shame... Not a surprise.

What was the name of the candidate Sarah Palin endorsed in the New Hampshire primary? Tick-tock, tick-tock... Bzzzt! Oops! So sorry Mrs. Palin, Mr. O'Reilly, time's up. It was Ovide Lamontagne. Ovide Lamontagne. On to the lightning round!

According to Politico, "South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint accidentally walked into a room full of lobbyists Wednesday morning and declared that 'Republicans are not prepared to take over the Senate.'" How do you even do that?

Mitch McConnell realizes he's said something stupid and directs his spokesperson to lie his way out of it.

Think Texas textbooks couldn't get stupider? You're wrong.

Finally, Glen Urquhart -- the GOper running for the Delaware House seat Mike Castle vacated to run for the Senate -- continues the proud Republican tradition of just making shit up:

Needless to say, he's wrong about Jefferson's letter. In fact, he's wrong about Hitler, too. Old Adolph advocated pretty much the exact opposite -- often. But any excuse to bring up the "just like Hitler!" smear, huh?

Oh, we liberals and our fancy-pants, Ivory Tower elitist facts... When will we ever learn they just don't matter?

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