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Monday, September 20, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/20/10

If you ever start thinking that maybe you're too lazy, ask yourself if you're this lazy. Let's set the bar low. Now here's the news...

The Wisconsin GOP and the Tea Party are accused of a massive -- and illegal -- voter suppression scheme. The evidence looks pretty solid. Targets are minorities and college students. Seems like they think the big "wave" needs a little help around here, so this is one of those good news/bad news things.

Also in Wisconsin, Feingold opponent Ron Johnson is caught in yet more stimulus hypocrisy. So the right's fears become a little clearer.

Tax cuts for the rich do create jobs. Just not in the United States.

Glenn Beck, Joe Scarborough, and other conservatives say Christine O'Donnell gives them the creeps. This isn't surprising, since her weirdness seems to be inexhaustible. Every day brings a new revelation.

Barack Obama finds out firsthand that he needs to reconnect with the base. Still, he hits a populist note in a townhall  by taking on the wealthy, who Paul Krugman basically calls a bunch of whiny little pricks. Meanwhile, Gallup shows that Republicans and Democrats are tied on the generic ballot again. The right's fears become even clearer.

Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's satirical rally is looking to be pretty huge. Rock the Vote's president calls it the "country’s largest PSA" on the upcoming elections, getting young people out to vote. So, of course, Politico reports that top Democrats are worried -- mostly because they're frickin' idiots who literally don't know a good thing when it falls right into their laps. Also, Glenn Beck's Facebook page is humiliated by the whole thing.

Harry Reid's campaign shows that Sharron Angle isn't all that honest about her own extremism.

Finally, just when you thought things couldn't get worse: urban Walmarts.

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