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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/21/10

Here's something cool: pictures of bugs! No really, they're beautiful. Now here's the news...

The Christine O'Donnell death spiral continues. Steve Benen says the "witchcraft" flap is the "least of her problems." A bigger problem would be the fact that she's very likely a real, live criminal.

Health insurers get pissy about healthcare reform, begin dropping coverage for children before the law kicks in. Remember, corporations pretty much think you're just crops in the field. Or cattle.

Ronald Reagan was a COMMIE!!... At least, by the GOP's current standards.

Extending Bush's tax giveaways is a really, really, really stupid idea for Democrats. So sayeth the polling. Look for really, really, really stupid Democrats to continue driving toward the cliff.

Russ Feingold running behind in Wisconsin -- 52% to 41%. Pollster cites enthusiasm gap. Russ is my man, give him a hand.

Paul Krugman points out the obvious: rightwing pundits have a history of always being wrong and this has been costing you a lot of money. If you listen to these foxbots and talk radio blowhards, maybe now would be a good time to knock it off.

Obama economic team member Larry Summers is outtie. Right after the elections, anyway.

Finally, Glenn Beck says the Stewart/Colbert rally is just a ploy to "activate the youth." Apparently, young people exercising their franchise is a bad thing. It's probably socialism. Or Nazism. One of the two.

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