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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/29/10

Here's what I and 26,499 other people did yesterday (more in-depth coverage here, video hosted here).

What you're seeing here is the Democrats taking a page out of history. In 1998, Russ Feingold was in a tough reelection fight for his second term. In fact, it looked like he was going to lose to construction company owner Mark Neumann. But Madison's Rep. Tammy Baldwin ran a pretty substantial get out the vote campaign on the University of Wisconsin campus to boost her own election prospects (it was to be her first term) and that brought out dems who also voted for Feingold. After the smoke cleared, Tammy had won a decisive 53% and Russ came out with 50.55% of the vote. A real squeaker for Feingold, but a win's a win.

The moral of this story: turn out the UW and Democrats win in Wisconsin. Ironically enough, Big Red is one of the things that keeps Wisconsin blue. Politically-engaged University of Wisconsin students, faculty, and union members are the party's not-so-secret weapon. Here's hoping history repeats itself.

Of course, you can help history along a little by supporting Russ Feingold, Tom Barrett, Tammy Baldwin, and other cheesehead dems. Take a swing through here, while you're at it.

Now here's the news...

Mat Taibbi has a long piece on the Tea Party up at Rolling Stone. Here's a taste: "Tea Partiers are shockingly willing to believe the appalling horseshit fantasy about how white people in the age of Obama are some kind of oppressed minority. That may not be racism, but it is incredibly, earth-shatteringly stupid." A-freakin'-men.

Democrats have officially decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. You know what might be a good idea for Democrats in the future? Doing things.

Christine O'Donnell's problems with reality continue. Also, I'm always surprised at the screwy opinions held by God.

Why liberals won't be sad when Rahm Emanuel quits the White House. The title of the piece sums it up nicely, I think. gets one wrong.

The rightwing Media Research Center declares "war on the liberal media." It kind of makes you wonder what they thought they were doing up to this point.

Jimmy Carter's spending a second night in the hospital. Everyone's saying he's doing fine, but the hospital won't confirm or deny anything.

Finally, makes Russ Feingold their top priority. RUSS!!

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