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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/30/10

A Las Vegas hotel has acquired a death ray. Be glad Bush isn't still in office or we'd be invading Nevada right now. Actually, it's a pretty interesting problem -- some energy efficient windows work too well and reflect heat in ways that can damage other buildings and, in this case, fry hotel guests. It seems to me that some sort of diffuser is what's called for here, maybe by making the outside surface of the windows rougher so the light scatters better. It might also help if you didn't build your building in a parabolic shape. Just a thought. Now here's the news...

Christine O'Donnell's "witchcraft" comment gains some credibility as photographic evidence shows her in the presence of the Prince of Darkness. Oooh, scary Halloweeny stuff! Meanwhile, her education history seems more than a little questionable. Josh Marshall says "the woman is seriously pathological."

Scientists discover a "Goldilocks" planet that seems perfect for the kind of life we're used to seeing here on Earth. My inner geek is intrigued.

Saxby Chambliss fires a staffer who left the comment, "all faggots must die!" on Joe Jervis's blog. So who was it? Who knows? Chambliss isn't saying. It's a curious combination of kinda-sorta-not-really punishing the jerk while protecting him. He's probably hanging up motivational posters in some other Republican senator's office as I write this. I'm sure he has a bright and promising future in the Asshole Party.

Speaking of the Asshole Party, Sen. Judd Gregg seems to be the only Republican who doesn't think his party will shut down the government. You've got to start reading the newsletter, buddy. You guys are all anarchists these days.

Tea Party-backed New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is an awful, awful person. "Shameless" is an insufficient descriptor here.

Meg Whitman's housekeeper flap has extremist wingnuts demanding she be arrested. That's not going to help in November.

Finally, the Republican pretense that FOX News is a legit media outlet is fading fast. Karl Rove tells Sean Hannity that if Christine O'Donnell manages to win her race in Delaware, "she's going to have to come come back and thank you profusely for having gotten her on the right course." I wouldn't hold my breath though, Sean. Meanwhile, the network loses 21% of its ratings share.

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