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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Stories to Watch: 9/8/10

Congress is in recess, so that means nothing's going on, right? Ha! Foolish news consumer...

FOX News doesn't like the 20th century and they want something done about it.

Remember that big ten-point lead Gallup gave the GOP in the generic ballot last week? Yeah, that's gone now -- completely. An NBC poll has the same finding; Democrats and Republicans are tied.

And while we're taking trips down Memory Lane, remember those naked body scanners at airports? We may be getting a suit of cyber-clothes -- complete with a baseball cap, for some reason.

Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart has a bone to pick with Rep. Jack Kimble. The only problem is that Kimble doesn't exist. My healthy disrespect for pundits is reinvigorated -- as well as justified anew.

Quran-burning Florida pastor Terry Jones seems to have a lot in common with cult-leader Jim Jones, which -- for the record -- is a bad thing. Yet more religious nutjobs declare him too freakin' crazy for the Church of Republican Jesus.

And, wrapping things up, Stephen Colbert answers the call...

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...or does he? Bonus fun: here's Reddit's logo for today:

Colbert as Reddit alien

The moral of this story is that free press attention is a good thing. This may get dragged out (read "milked") for a while. But don't let that discourage you from doing your duty as an American.

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