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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tea Party is Ballot Box Poison in Delaware

Bottle of poisonA follow up to my earlier post on why Democrats should be running against crazy. Greg Sargent posts that Christine O'Donnell is "toxic" to Delaware voters. A FOX Poll finds that 60% think she's unqualified to be senator and that 41% -- the largest plurality -- say their vote will be "to express opposition to the Tea Party movement."

"What's particularly interesting here is that the poll also finds that Delaware voters are sympathetic to the GOP's arguments," he writes. "A majority wants smaller government; a plurality says the Federal government is out of control; and half want to repeal the health care law. Yet O'Donnell and the Tea Party are apparently so toxic that the state is nonetheless all but out of reach for the GOP."

Run against the whackos, even if there isn't one in your race. If you can turn the race into a referendum on Tea Party crazies, things could turn out a lot better for you in November. When a good thing falls out of the sky and into your lap, you use it.

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