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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/12/10

Seven year-old Kathleen Edward of Trenton, Michigan is dying of Huntington's disease and has the worst neighbors in the freakin' world. Due to a combination of a misplaced sense of entitlement, impatience on one day, and a seriously fucked up worldview, Jennifer and Scott Petkov have taken to mocking Kathleen's coming demise and her mother's death from the same condition regularly on Facebook and on their street (seriously, go check out the video -- Jennifer Petkov is pure white-trash evil).

Anyway, this story started to get around on social networking sites, where everyone expressed their outrage and moved on. But then it hit Reddit. Redditors decided to do something about it and have so far raised over twelve grand to help pay for a toy store shopping spree. Left over money will go to a local children's hospital. What was the donors' reward?


Kathleen with sign reading 'Thank you, Reddit!'

It may be a short life, but we can make sure it's a good one. I'm not crying, I'm still getting over my cold and it's making my eyes water... So shut up. Now here's the news...

Obama takes a hit in new polling, with almost half of Obama supporters switching to former-Obama supporters. Good news, if you can call it that: voters don't think much of Republicans either.

Trouble for Colorado GOP senate candidate Ken Buck, as old audio comes out. The recording shows him as a prosecutor refusing to pursue a rape case because -- as he argues it -- the victim wasn't really raped, but had consensual sex and she was just experiencing "buyer's remorse." The problem: the case was a gimme, since the assailant had practically confessed to the crime, telling police that the woman had told him "no," that "he realized he had done something wrong," that he felt "shame and regret," and tried to apologize to the victim afterward. So bad news for Ken Buck.

Still, this doesn't stop Michelle Malkin from running to Buck's defense and calling the allegations a "smear." Sorry Shelly, but sometimes Republicans do awful and immoral things. It's why they're Republicans.

Where can you be a complete fuckup and still make stupid amounts of money? Where else but Wall Street?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell dies a little more. Grampa McCain is expected to have a fit and refuse to eat his boiled potatoes.

Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller joins the rest of the GOP in "hide from the media" stealth mode.

Sharron Angle's just making shit up.

Do Canadians really come to the US for healthcare? Sure, some do. The Incidental Economist breaks down the numbers in a pie chart showing the percentage of Canadians who get Canadian care vs. those who come here. Spoiler alert: you may need a microscope to see the sliver who come to the US.

Finally, new polling shows that Russ Feingold's caught up to Ron Johnson in the Wisconsin senate race, leaving them tied 48%-48%. Pundits credit Feingold's focus on Johnson's support for globalization and free trade, but I say it was because I volunteered to hit the phones for Russ -- and I'm awesome. You can be awesome too and we can turn this thing around. Make some calls, knock on some doors, write a check. We're gonna win this thing, because we want it more and we're awesome.

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