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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/13/10

They're making some progress on the street outside. It used to be dirt, now it's gravel. The wheels of progress roll on. Still not quaint or rustic, though. Now here's the news...

Lee Fang does some really excellent legwork for Think Progress and tracks the Chamber's foreign funding. Long story short, India -- of all places -- is spending a lot of money trying to buy US democracy. Bahrain and Dubai also make an appearance. If these sources were building a mosque in the US, Pam Geller, Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin would be insisting that the effort was "terrorist funded." Fine, then the attack ads by the Chamber on behalf of GOP candidates are terrorist funded. Will Republicans speak out against this Muslim menace or do they hate America?

50 congresscritters sign on to reducing our bloated military budget.

The US Chamber of Commerce plays the victim card. Don't expect it to work, since a new Bloomberg poll shows 47% are less likely to vote for a candidate supported by anonymous business groups -- like those the Chamber is creating to run ads. Expect to see "Who is ___, the group running attack ads for my opponent? No one knows" to show up on a TV screen near you. At least, if dems are smart. So maybe not.

News Corp's shareholders aren't super-happy with the way Rupert Murdoch has been throwing money around to political groups.

Nancy Pelosi on the DADT ruling: "I hope, I haven't really heard officially that the administration is going to appeal this, but in any event, I hope they don't. I myself have always wanted a moratorium on any discharges."

One teabagger's road to electoral victory: saving the world with completely made-up technology.

Remember Ohio GOP congressional candidate and WWII enthusiast Rich Iott? You know, the one in the SS uniform? John Boehner's PAC gave him five grand. He's not asking for the money back, though. See, it was an SS uniform, not a Nazi uniform, and that makes it OK. Yeah, that excuse doesn't make a damned bit of sense to me, either.

Rand Paul is really goofy.

Guess who's freaking out about shit that's never gonna happen? That's right, conservatives. It's what they do. ABC News reports that anti-Muslim hysteria is giving rise to the idea that blatantly unconstitutional sharia law is gaining traction in America. The usual suspects -- Sharron Angle, Newt Gingrich, FOX News, various and sundry other stupid people -- make appearances.

Finally, are landline surveys exaggerating Republican enthusiasm? They may be, because Republicans are old and them new-fangled celly phoney things aren't.

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