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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/17/10

Remember Kathleen Edward, the little girl with Huntington's who was being harassed by her seriously disturbed neighbors? She had her toy store shopping spree. Toy store owner and redditor Hans Masing reports it was the "Best. Day. Evar."

Meanwhile the neighbor, Jennifer Petkov, has been arrested for trying to run someone over. Karma is a real bitch. Now here's the news...

Gollum look-alike Gary Bauer tells CNN that there's no freakin' way he's going to reveal the secret donors to his Emergency Committee for Israel. See, if he does, they'll be harassed with "campaigns of intimidation and outright thuggery." CNN's Candy Crowley asks, "[Y]ou’re telling me that they are afraid that they’ll be harassed if people know they are pro-Israel?"

Yeah, doesn't seem extremely likely, does it?

Texas congressional candidate Bill Flores told an interviewer that maybe we ought to raise the retirement age for Social Security, to save some money. That didn't go over real well, so he blamed the comment on a "headache." No, really.

Honda takes the Union of Concerned Scientists "Greenest Automaker" award. Second place ties Toyota and Hyundai. Where are US automakers? "The three Detroit automakers have consistently placed at the bottom of UCS's Automaker Rankings analyses." If the US wants to be competitive in a global market that increasingly values green products, this is not good news.

Why do neocons have such a raging hardon for war with Iran? I have no idea. But they're going about starting one the same way they started the war with Iraq -- because that worked out so well.

Colorado GOP senate candidate Ken Buck says homosexuality is "like alcoholism and some other things." He probably misspoke because of a tummy ache.

For the top California Republican candidates, Sarah Palin might as well have cooties.

Finally, Michelle Obama thanks people for their prayers. The right freaks out: you know who else appreciated prayers? HITLER!!

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