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Monday, October 18, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/18/10

Team Feingold asks, "Who is Ron Johnson?" It's a question that Johnson seems to be unwilling to answer.

Greg Sargent looks into Sharron Angle's claim that the Latino looking "illegal immigrants" in her campaign ad aren't Mexican, but Canadian. Verdict: Angle's campaign has been all about attacking Mexico and Mexicans, so her claim is as much BS as it seems.

Speaking of undocumented immigrants, Georgia state Rep. John Yates thinks we ought to shoot them. See, they're invading and are just like Hitler. This is a stupid, stupid man. On the same subject, Alaska teabagger Joe Miller goes all anti-Reagan and suggests a Berlin Wall.

The Vatican declares Homer Simpson Catholic. No one tell Rev. Lovejoy.

GOP hypocrisy: anti-stimulus Republicans -- like Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann -- lobbied to make sure stimulus money wound up in their districts. The Center for Public Integrity has more.

John Boehner is unabashedly pro-pretend-Nazi.

Famous California Crystal Cathedral megachurch goes belly-up. Where's your god now?

Finally, make your book a best-seller without anyone having to read the damned thing. Mitt Romney can show you how!

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