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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/26/10

The word of the day up here is windy. If you're planning a trip up to Wisconsin to see the fall colors, you might want to postpone it -- all the leaves that have turned are gone. There are still leaves that haven't turned, so maybe putting things off a week might be a plan. Now here's the news...

Hands down, the quote of the day; "Strange women flying about from Alaska receiving pink panties is no basis for a system of government."

Jim Hoft continues his attack on headstomped MoveOn protester Lauren Valle. Turns out she actually draws a paycheck from MoveOn and this is the worst thing ever! She's also worked for Greenpeace and was arrested for previous protests. Clearly, she deserves her concussion and shoulder sprains, because she's "unhinged," according to Hoft. Her attacker was apparently totally hinged, because stomping on the head of someone you disagree with is the height of rationality and the sort of thing one wants to encourage if one is a member of the teabagging crowd.

This argument is beyond low, even for the owner of the unfortunate Gateway Pundit blog. You want unhinged? I give you Jim Hoft, high-profile mental patient of the year.

Meanwhile, Rand Paul practically dismisses the incident by engaging in false equivalency.

The Stewart/Colbert rally this weekend is just incredibly sad. Turns out that "moderate" is just code for "commie" and this makes Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum weep for the state of the republic.

Surprise! Electronic voting machines in Nevada are screwed up and this time they seem to be favoring Harry Reid. It doesn't seem to be a case of fraud, though. The machines are just junk.

Which Democrats are losing big this fall? The phony ones. I've said all along that the Blue Dogs were going to be the ones to take the biggest beating in November -- and I was right. It's going to be hard to miss those guys.

Republican Colorado senate candidate Ken Buck isn't a big fan of the First Amendment. Teabagger candidates love the Constitution -- until they don't.

Finally, ACORN -- which doesn't actually exist anymore -- is going to steal the election. How stupid does the right think you are?

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