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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/27/10

Day two at wind central. I saw a mourning dove sitting on a branch at the very top of a tree. The branch was waving around like crazy, but the bird seemed completely calm. It must've seemed like a carnival ride. Proof positive that birds don't get motion sickness.

How windy is it? The Wisconsin River is flowing in the wrong direction:

Now here's the news...

Joy Behar doesn't like Sharron Angle very much.

Speaking of Angle, she's running what Rachel Maddow calls "the most overtly racist ad " of this election. Have a look for yourself. I don't care what she says, those people don't look very Canadian to me.

And speaking of Maddow, she proves once again that teabaggers are uninformed idiots. "This is the world that Fox News has created."

Meg Whitman fails to woo the crowd at an event in Long Beach. Asked if she'd stop airing attack ads, Whitman said she'd consider disavowing "personal attacks," but wouldn't pull ads that highlighted her opponent's positions. This got her booed. Frankly, I think she's actually right -- up to a point. If candidates only talked about themselves, you'd learn that they only take completely uncontroversial stands in favor of education, veterans, jobs, motherhood, and those things that are good and right in the world. In other words, you wouldn't learn jack. Negative ads -- assuming they're truthful -- serve a very useful and constructive purpose in an electoral debate. People don't like them, but they are influenced by them, which means they listen to them and -- you hope -- learn something from them. This wasn't Whitman's argument however -- that truth is a big deal in campaigning -- and so those boos had some merit.

Erick Erickson is a dickwad.

Alaska's Joe Miller suffers from having his pants on fire.

The GOP pledge to increase the deficit.

The problem with pundits and the Stewart/Colbert rally this weekend: pundits are taking it seriously, Stewart and Colbert are not. The word of the day will be "fun."

NPR's not cowering from the "liberal media outlet" charge. An interactive flowchart of who's behind the dark money helping the GOP isn't going to win them any friends on the right.

The Onion -- which, I have to point out, started out right here in Madison -- nails the Democrats dead center.

Finally, the GOP wants to privatize Social Security -- really, really bad.

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