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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/30/10

Today's the big day. You can follow the live stream of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear here. Early reports describe the crowd as large. Writes TPM reader KM: "I live in takoma, which is as far out on the red line as you can be before you cross into maryland. Its absolutely jammed. Busier than it is during rush hour. My friend lives in greenbelt, the last stop on the green line out in maryland. The line to buy fare cards and get into the station is out to the parking lot. Another friend is in gridlock traffic on a bus downtown.

"I didn't see this many ppl in the city during the beck rally over the entire weekend."

So if Beck got a 1.6 million people, this is somewhere in the neighborhood of all lifeforms in the universe -- that is, if we use the same rigorous, fact- and science-based crowd estimate techniques as Michele Bachmann. CBS, who hired a company that pegged Beck's rally at 87,000, has hired the same firm to do a headcount here. So I'm guessing it'll be a little lower than the number of all lifeforms in the universe -- say, about half. Now here's the news...

More pushback against the US Chamber of Commerce's massive smear campaign.

Hope you didn't give any money to If you did, you got robbed.

An AP-KN poll finds that 47% of Democrats think Obama should face a primary opponent in 2012, so of course the big news is that HALF OF DEMS WANT OBAMA PRIMARIED OUT IN 2012!. The problem here is that they don't. "More than 8 in 10 who on Election Day 2008 said they'd voted for Obama want to re-elect him, though 1 in 7 say he should be defeated," the report tells us. So a couple points here: most would vote for Obama -- more than enough to win the primary -- and this poll is about 2 years away from having any hope of being accurate anyway. This is a big ol' pile o' "not news."

More proof that no failure, no disgrace, no embarrassingly transparent hackery is enough to have your TV pundit license pulled: Andrew Breitbart will be part of ABC's panel of "experts" on election night. TV news (other than public TV and C-Span) has officially moved from "almost useless" to "completely useless." Congrats on finally closing that gap, ABC News. Breitbart's site can't figure out what all the fuss is about -- of course, they mention Breitbart's involvement without mentioning what a shameless, awful liar he is. So I guess they forgot.

Finally, in your weekly address, President Obama talks elections, economy, and kitchen tables.

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