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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Stories to Watch: 10/6/10

I'm making a pot roast in the crockpot. I'd give you the recipe, but recipes are for pansies. Seat of the pants, all the way. Now here's the news...

The International Association of Fire Fighters aren't big fans of Obion County, Tennessee's fire protection non-plan.

Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller wouldn't say whether Sarah Palin was qualified to be president. Todd Palin spazzed out on his Blackberry. Miller now says she's qualified. Gotta love the consistency of them rock-ribbed Republicans, huh? As solid and immutable as jello.

Also on the subject of Miller, Steve Benen points out that he doesn't like being called an extremist, but that doesn't keep him from saying extreme things.

The US Chamber of Commerce freaks out, attacks lefty blog Think Progress as "Soros-funded" for alleging that the Chamber's anti-dem attack ads are partially funded by foreign sources. Unfortunately for the Chamber, they've got a tell: "When I asked [Chamber spokesperson Tita] Freeman whether the dues from [foreign-funded Chamber arm] AmChams go into the same general fund that bankrolls the Chamber's ads, she declined to answer," reports Greg Sargent. If the answer were no, then there'd be no hesitation to say so. You don't hide things you think are laudable. Think Progress looks into other things the Chamber doesn't deny.

Also from Sargent: the Democratic Party joins in the beating of the chamber over foreign funding.

Rick Sanchez is sorry.

Mittens Romney strikes a pointless blow against Sharia law. I know he needs a distraction right now, but this isn't much of one.

Finally, a redditor finds the American political divide summed up in two short sentences: "The right is convinced that the left is evil. The left is convinced that the right is retarded." The article the quote is from isn't as good as the quote itself. For the record, I'm not evil. But Christine O'Donnell may very well be retarded.

Just sayin'...

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