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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/11/10

It's Veterans Day. If you know a veteran -- and who doesn't -- go rake their lawn for them or something. Make sure to bring beer. And don't check your mail. Now here's the news...

It's just as I always supsected. Rightwing talk radio hosts talk a good game, but when it comes to playing in the big time, they're out of their league. And that's my quota of sports metaphors for the day.

Google falls to the Islamic extremists and strikes a blow for terror on Veterans Day. If you ever wondered how paranoid and panicky your average wingnut can be, wonder no more.

Media Matters wins a charity auction and David Brock is going to have lunch with Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch. "I look forward to this opportunity to have a friendly lunch with Rupert Murdoch, along with five of my invited guests," said Brock. "I will soon contact Mr. Murdoch's office to determine a mutually convenient time and place in New York." Awkward!

Ezra Klein places the electoral blame were it probably fits best -- squarely on Joe Lieberman's shoulders.

Glenn Beck's seriously demented Soros-baiting lands him in hot water with Jewish groups and Holocaust survivors. A demographic we'll call "people who realize Beck is a dick" grows larger every day.

Here's the least surprising news you'll hear all day: Michael Steele's future at the RNC is in question.

Missed this yesterday, because I was in a hurry. Obama's looking at pushing back the Afghanistan drawdown until 2014, because super-long wars are so excellent for nations to engage in.

Wow, Chuck Grassley simply cannot stop himself from screwing up everyone's big plans for healthcare reform. When reform was in the works, Grassley was the monkeywrench. Now that the GOP is talking about repealing reform, Chuck says it isn't going to happen. See Republicans? This is what we were talking about.

Redditors don't like Huffington Post very much. I explain why they're wrong. That probably won't go well for me, but someone had to do it.

Finally, rally co-hosts to magazine co-covergirls? The Stewart/Colbert ticket is currently in the lead for Time's Person of the Year. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is running a close second.

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