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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/18/10

Dang, it feels like winter out there. I was out earlier and I can tell, we;re getting close. White stuff right around the corner, I'm sure. Now here's the news...

Steny Hoyer says that, for once, Democrats are going to do the smartest thing in the world. Yeah, tell us some more about how you weren't the problem, Blue Dogs. More signs of headway in voting on middle class tax cuts alone.

While we're on the subject: what did those Bush tax cuts do for economic growth? Pretty much jack, even if you exclude the recession at the end of his term.

In a high profile terrorism case, Fox News gets almost everything wrong. Imagine that.

An example of how House GOP plan to move America forward and get the country back on track: a grandstanding campaign to completely cut NPR's microscopic federal funding.

GOP civil war front: Pence says the social issue agenda (i.e., "we hate gays, abortion, evolution, colleges, Muslims, atheists, etc.") should be one of the GOP's priorities.

Damn, this is so dead on. The right in America are such emotionally insecure wusses.

Republicans love the Constitution so much that they're eager to violate it immediately.

Looks like another shorty today. So finally, 'baggers figure out -- too late -- that Boehner's a crooked SOB.

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