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Monday, November 22, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/22/10

Weird day here, weather-wise. At first, it was so dark that I needed a lamp. Then it got sunny. Then it rained -- while it was sunny. An angle of the sun vs. position of the raincloud thing, I guess. Then thunder and a big, fat rainbow. Once again, I'm reminded of all the cool stuff you can see if you just pay attention. Now here's the news...

My birthday was this weekend, so I'm also reminded that I shared the planet with John F. Kennedy for a whole two days. Wish I remembered either of them.


Salon's War Room is spending three days calling out the worst political hacks. Today's day one and it's beautiful. Maybe you agree with some of the calls, maybe you don't, but -- so far, at least -- not a one mentioned doesn't deserve to be taken down a peg. My favorite so far, Tucker Carlson, who's a jackass. Hoping Andy Brietbart and Jonah Goldberg get what's coming to them as well. Those are just the first to pop into my head. My list is so long.

Pushback against TSA pat-downs is making the White House a little nervous. Good.

Al Gore comes around and turns against ethanol. Greg Sargent foresees a Republican split on the issue.

Digby, on Republicans and the economy: "The fact is that the Republicans are not just irresponsible stewards of the economy, they are at the moment, totally batshit insane."

Liz Cheney is a really lousy mindreader.

Finally, the 'bagger's plan to literally bankrupt America and bring on a global monetary crisis is going forward nicely.

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