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Monday, November 29, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/29/10

Had a big windstorm last night and it blew open the storm door and screwed up the doorframe. So that was fun. I tried to repair the damage with Liquid Nails -- which may or may not have worked, we'll have to see. But, man, do not get that stuff on your hands. It's like pine sap and it does not come off. I finally found some Goop in the basement and that did the trick. Nothing else worked -- not even gasoline. I was afraid I was going to have to live life as Mr. Sticky for a while there. Now here's the news...

Among the things that the recent Wikileaks document dump shows: the Bush administration didn't like diplomacy much and it cost us all bigtime. In the words of Dan Froomkin, "The cables suggest that if the Department of State, rather than Defense and the CIA, had been given the leading foreign policy role over the past decade, things might have turned out a lot better."

The Obama administration decides to freeze pay for federal workers for two years, which strikes a lot of people -- myself included -- as kind of dumb and anti-stimulative. And that's a point Democrats made two years ago. Besides, it may seem like good politics to play deficit hawk right now, but dragging the economy down isn't going to work out in the long run. It's the long game the White House needs to play right now, not the reactionary, by-the-minute game.

Yeah Sarah Palin, how about you sit down and enjoy a nice cuppa STFU? Murder is not a substitute for foreign policy, asswipe. No way you're getting elected, anyway.

And Rep. Peter King continues to be an idiot, too.

After consistently losing case after case after case, the birthers take another loss. Slow learners, those guys.

The best strategy for eliminating the $250k+ tax giveaway gains a little more steam. Is a massive beatdown what it takes for dems to get their act together? We'll see. Meanwhile, a group of billionaires ask that their taxes be raised.

Finally, if you want to become a ridiculously poorly-informed, but dickish voter, watch Fox News. Joe Lieberman says that's what he does.

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