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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/30/10

Shut down power in my kitchen today to swap out a light fixture over the sink. Simple job really, just dismount the base and disconnect two wires. Shouldn't have taken any time at all, really. But it turns out I got the wrong fixture. It's a wall switch fixture and I needed a pull-chain model. So now I have to reset all the clocks out there for no reason at all. What great fun. Now here's the news...

Greg Sargent makes an excellent, if depressing, point: "The left has long targeted Rahm Emanuel as the primary reason the White House continues to trade away core liberal priorities in the quixotic quest for bipartisanship. But Rahm is now long gone. And the White House continues to lead with its chin."

The new Pentagon report on repealing DADT is out and it's thorough. Defense Secretary Gates says he wants repeal to go forward, because the military can do a better job of the transition than the courts -- and, if congress doesn't repeal, the courts are going to end it eventually. Opponents of repeal don't have a lot of wiggle room here, so it'll be interesting to see who gives up this losing fight for the cause of bigotry and who sticks to their guns.

WaPo gives us an example of the Obama administration leading with the chin: "[A] possible end game that appeared to be taking shape, numerous Senate sources said, could give Republicans the across-the-board tax-cut extensions that they are seeking, albeit in temporary form, in exchange for a Senate vote on the arms control treaty, a top priority for Obama."

Here's the thing: when those "temporary" extensions come up again, Republicans are just going to have their little tantrum all over again. As I always say, "A deal's a deal" isn't in the GOP phrasebook. They'll welsh sure as sunshine. All this really would be is putting off the fight for another day.

Joe Scarborough says that the GOP has to strangle Sarah Palin's presidential ambitions in their crib or lose big in 2012. Of course, this is the worst thing ever. Not that it matters who runs right now -- Obama leads all potential GOP candidates in early polling -- but Palin would probably be the White House's opponent of choice.

Finally, John Boehner and Eric Cantor take on the really big problem facing our nation today -- Jesus covered in ants. About now's the time everyone should start asking, "Have the Republicans fixed the economy yet?"

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