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Monday, November 08, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/8/10

Day Three of the Great Leaf Storm of 2010 and I think I've got about the last of it. It was ankle-deep in some places. Freakin' fantastic day for it though -- almost warm enough to qualify as Indian summer. Now here's the news...

Keith Olbermann is back at MSNBC. In related news, Bernie Sanders wants to use the Olbermann fiasco to pull the rug out from under the NBC-Comcast merger. Damned good idea, if you ask me.

New York Times editorializes that Nancy Pelosi has got to go. Their reasoning? It's her fault that people believe a whole bunch of crap that isn't true, not the media's.

Some Democrats are circulating a letter to Nancy Pelosi asking her not to seek the post of minority leader. See, they say it'll cost them more elections. These are defeated Democrats, by the way, so we should totally listen to their strategies for victory at the polls. Then we should all head over to the Cubs' clubhouse in Chicago and get some really solid advice on how to win the pennant.

But wait; it turns out that maybe there isn't any letter or maybe no one has signed onto it. Washington is weird.

Robert Gibbs gets all badass in India.

The Obama administration's successful appeal of a stay of enforcement of "don't ask, don't tell" is starting to look like a product from the Wrong-Co Bad Idea Company.

Rand Paul isn't even sworn in yet and he's already disappointing the 'baggers.

Marc Ambinder's packing up his laptop and quitting the blogging biz. Back to lowly print reporting, which he seems to prefer.

Here's the next idiotic thing we're all going to be required to freak out about; Barack Obama may have said some Muslim prayers -- about 40 years ago. Also, Obama used a teleprompter in India, so of course that's the worst thing ever. At least, for now.

Scientists plan "a broad campaign to push back against congressional conservatives" who doubt climate change. I suggest zapping them with a shrink ray because, come on, you're scientists. Republicans don't know who they're messing with here.

Finally, here's my favorite quote of the day: "If you think that me allowing my son to be a female character for Halloween is somehow going to 'make' him gay then you are an idiot... I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so back off." Seriously, I laughed when I heard it during a newsbreak on the radio. Catch the whole sorry story here.

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