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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Stories to Watch: 11/9/10

Insanely gorgeous day today. Just amazing. This upcoming weekend? You don't wanna know. Now here's the news...

The press begins to realize that maybe the things Sarah Palin says aren't so accurate.

Those elections probably weren't about Obama. His approvals rise 4 points following election rout, a historic anomaly.

Holy crap, a UFO! Something shot off from California today, leaving a missile-like plume. Where it came from: probably somewhere around LA. Where it went: no one knows. The military says they didn't fire anything, so whatever it was, according to the report, "remains a mystery missile." Shelly Malkin is sure the Obama administration is behind this, because she's a nut and that's the sort of thing she always believes. Jonah Goldberg says a missile that may or may not have actually been a missile -- and, at any rate, didn't actually do anything -- is proof that government can't do anything right, because he's a prick and that's the sort of thing he always says. The American right can go from zero to terrified and stupid in mere microseconds.

Alvin Greene considers a run for president. No, really.

Remember when Republicans hated earmarks? Yeah, that was about a week ago. Good times, good times... Let me acquaint you 'baggers with the concept of the "empty campaign promise."

You know how Stephen Colbert always brings up bears when he's pretending to fearmonger? Apparently, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer watches The Colbert Report. There can be no other explanation. Beware the Godless Killing Machines.

About those fiscally responsible Republican governors...

Finally, I guess they interviewed some dumb guy on that TV thing, but nobody watched it.

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