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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/1/10

Woke up to snow today. Not a lot, but it was groundcover. Any clinging on to autumn has now ended and we're in fullblown winter acceptance mode. Bring on the hot cocoa. Now here's the news...

The Debt Commission isn't so much a commission as it is two guy who disagree with all the other guys. None of this is going to go anywhere, so chalk another one up to the uselessness of blue ribbon panels.

The GOP announces what Steve Benen calls a "hostage plan" -- nothing moves unless the rich get to keep sucking on the public debt. Meanwhile, the unemployed get the shaft -- again. If you voted GOP and you aren't rich, these fuckers are laughing at you behind your back. You're just a chump. Time for filibuster reform?

The Union of Concerned Scientists calls the new food safety bill passed in the senate "good for all who eat." Unfortunately, there may be a speedbump ahead in the House.

Dems to hold tax cut vote tomorrow.

Glenn Greenwald takes on critics of Wikileaks -- masterfully.

Following up my morning post: Bank of America's stocks fall on speculation that they may be the next Wikileaks target. Mike Huckabee is in a very un-Christian killing mood over the whole Wikileaks thing.

Finally, another conservative commentator takes on Sarah Palin and her pretenses to Reagan-hood.

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