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Monday, December 13, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/13/10

Got some stuff to do tomorrow, so no morning post. Got some rock and roll stuff, maybe some Christmas shopping. Stuff like that. Now here's the news...

Logic is such a beautiful thing. After Glenn Beck claimed that 10% of all Muslims are terrorist, Fareed Zakaria broke the claim down into it's absurd pieces and analyzed every scrap. In the end, Glenn Beck was proven -- by his own argument -- to be a terrorist. Check out the video. It's lovely.

Sarah Palin is now less popular than George W. Bush. Presidential aspirations circling the drain.

That Virginia judge who ruled the health care mandate was unconstitutional has a pretty clear conflict of interest. Greg Sargent spoke with a legal expert who called the ruling "very defective" and predicts it "will be overturned." The White House reacts.

Fox News reports Michael Steele's going to clean out his desk at the RNC.

But wait, Fox News reports Michael Steele's going not to clean out his desk at the RNC. Man, when they say, "We report, you decide," they really mean it.

Washington Post reports 7 in 10 like the Obama-GOP tax deal.

Have an account to comment on a Gawker Media site? Then you should probably read this.

Kind of useless, but fun anyway: a word cloud of Bernie Sanders' eight and a half hour speech.

Finally, I started a twitter hatchmark -- #ThingsThatMakeJohnBoehnerCry. Come join in on the fun. My favorite so far: "Series finale of 'Mr. Belvedere.'"

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