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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/16/10

Not much going on around here. It's cold and I'm going to make some more coffee to warm up. Now here's the news...

DADT repeal is looking like a winner. 'Baggers have one more reason to regret getting all excited over Scott Brown.

The Obama-GOP tax deal hits a snag in the House.

Feds on WikiLeaks: "First Amendment? What's that?" Meanwhile, John Conyers is more familiar with the Constitution.

Megan McArdle argues that if you can't get toys with your happy meal, then freedom is dead.

RIP Blake Edwards.

What if senators actually had to filibuster, instead of "filibuster?"

Americans want out of Afghanistan more than they want to reduce the deficit.

How stupid can anti-gay fundamentalists be? This stupid.

Finally, Yahoo's shutting down Delicious, which is really going to screw me up. Blow me, Yahoo. Now I've got to go export all those bookmarks someplace else. What a headache. You suck.

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