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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/28/10

Lucky me. My morning post is getting a buttload of traffic from reddit. So make sure to check that out and, if you're a redditor, give me an upboat. Turns out people really like it when you say mean things about Republicans. Now here's the news...

Dave Weigel calls them "listicles." I'm not sure he's the guy who came up with the word, but he's the first I've seen use it, so he gets the credit. A listicle is a portmanteau (fancy-talk for "smooshing together") of the words "list" and "article." These show up at the end of the year because the news landscape is a barren desert of boring nothingness and people who write columns all have holiday burnout. Most of the time, these listicles are stupid ("Ten Hottest Celebrities of 2010!"), but sometimes they're worthwhile. A few examples of the latter category:
Media Matters puts together a list of the many ways that Fox & Friends was just awful over the year.

Southern Poverty Law Center recaps the year in hate (sadly, this one was published too early; Pat Buchanan had a late entry).

Truthout collects the top ten ways in which Republicans will try to screw up the economy.

Down With Tyranny collects the worst things conservatives have said about the unemployed.

PolitiFact lists its most read articles and, in the process, reminds us that Michele Bachmann never says anything true.

In non-listicle news, the far right has become so insane that not even CPAC is crazy enough for them anymore.

Example of how insane they've become: they seriously believe that Barack Obama is on the verge of giving Manhattan back to Native Americans.

Finally, even Republicans aren't too hot on Sarah Palin, who would lose an election in her home state of Alaska -- as well as every state that's been polled so far.

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