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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Stories to Watch: 12/9/10

Someone call the Strategic Air Command! There's stuff falling out of the sky here. It seems to be crystalline in nature, is cold to the touch, and turns into water when exposed to heat. It's piling up all over the place in big, fluffy mounds. Someone send help. Now here's the news...

Wisconsin's Governor-elect Scott Walker is about to become the best Governor Iowa ever had. Millions of dollars and thousands of jobs evaporate as the feds reallocate that evil stimulus money. No grandstanding moron has ever stood so grandly on his own mornitude.

On Obama-GOP tax deal, House Democrats say, "No deal." On a related note, Firedoglake's Blue Texan compares the way the White House treats Mitch McConnell to the way he treats House dems. Long story short, Obama doesn't seem to have a very good grasp on who his friends and enemies are. Pelosi says she can swing a better deal.

GOP tells 9/11 workers to just screw off. Seems that treating illnesses and injuries from dealing with the worst terrorist attack in American history is too expensive. Tax cuts for rich people are much, much more important.

Gay people won't be allowed to fight and die for their country, because that'd be bad or something, I guess.

In news that's sure to alienate her from her 'bagger base, Sarah Palin admits she can read. Freakin' elitist.

Guess who's going to protest at Elizabeth Edwards' funeral?

Polling isn't going very well for President Obama.

Public Policy Polling finds Sarah Palin "virtually unelectable."

Teabagger candidates ran against Washington lobbyists. So who are they hiring as staffers? That's right, Washington lobbyists. See, lobbyists "have experience." You 'baggers are chumps.

Finally, unemployment benefits cut the rate of unemployment. Golly, there's a surprise. Get people money to spend and they spend it. And this creates jobs. What a shock.

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