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Monday, January 03, 2011

Griper Blade: Smashing the Punditry's Crystal Ball

Fortune teller with crystal ball
It's 2011, so throw out your old calendar. Scratch that; recycle your old calendar. It's paper, so start off the new year on the right foot. There's no reason for us to be killing trees just to know what day it is. We've got a world to save and all.

Along with the literal take on "out with the old, in with the new" regarding our calendars, there are several traditions that you can count on during this transition. In the media, these include "listicles" of the top ten worst, top ten best, top ten most important, and top ten most embarrassing whatevers of 2010. These are sometimes good, mostly stupid, and not especially informative.

But another tradition in the media are year-end predictions. What's going to happen in the new year? This is an activity that you should never be talked into engaging in, because it's a surefire embarrassment down the road. If you want measure the worth of a pundit, look at how glibly they toss off predictions and how inaccurate those predictions are. Worse, look at the ways in which they often come true...[CLICK TO READ FULL POST]

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