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Monday, January 10, 2011

Stories to Watch :1/10/11

One story dominates today, but don't forget, Tom DeLay met with justice today and he did not come out on top. An appeal is in the making, but for now, score one for the good guys. Now here's the news...

Gabrielle Gifford's condition remains unchanged. She's responsive, there's no additional swelling, but she's "not out of the woods yet," says her medical team.

Rightwing spin of the day: Don't blame the guns, blame the pot.

Michelle Malkin collects a bunch of crap she googled up this morning and uses it to prove that liberals are out to get conservatives. I've never seen most of this stuff, but liberals made it, so all liberals believe it -- even if it's a stretch to call some of it violent. Sharron Angle's "second amendment remedies" are probably still fine, though. Shelly Malkin is one seriously deranged anchor baby, I'll tell you what. Nice take on the whole thing here.

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman talks sense about the right wing and their love for violent, eliminationist rhetoric, so of course, this is the worst thing ever.

Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft is a gullible moron. I could've told you that a while back, but now we have proof.

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin remind everyone that the real victims here are Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. How long before someone on the left realizes that playing the victim card at this stage is a really stupid and heartless move by the right?

The stupidity continues apace as Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet gets a death threat.

America's favorite swimming pool game -- Marco Rubio -- rules out a possible running mate slot with... Well, whoever. In case you were wondering about that, although no one was.

Finally, Glenn Beck tells Sarah Palin that the very future of America would be in peril of something happened to her. What is it about drama queens that wingnuts love so much?

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