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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/25/11

Day two of my sourdough starter's life. It's what I'd describe as goopy or gloppy -- choose your own Americanism for "having the consistency of a gelatinous blob." And it's already smelling a little boozy. I thought I might wind up going to full five days with this, but it may just be that I can get away with two. We'll see tomorrow. No bubbling, so not ready. Now here's the news...

Mitch McConnell's definition of "bipartisanship."

Not the best news I've heard all day: President Obama nominates former Recording Industry Association of America lawyer Donald Verrilli Jr. to be solicitor general. The problem: Verrilli's job at the RIAA was to be their copyright cop. Now, he'll be the government's copyright cop. Someone explain to me why, since copyright infringement is a matter solved by civil suits, the US government is going to spend money policing private industry's copyrights? There's nothing in it for you, there's nothing in it for me, but it's another free ride for big corporations.

Oh no, don't reach into your own pocket to pay for that lawsuit, Mr. Recording Industry Exec. The taxpayer will get this one. And the next one. And the next one...

Rahm Emanuel is back on the Chicago Mayoral ballot -- for now. Clearly, this is the worst thing ever. Early voting begins Monday.

According to ABC's Jake Tapper, the president will call for "partial budget freeze and earmark ban tonight." Something about that sounds really bad to me. Probably the "partial" part. I'm guessing it's the part that helps average Americans, because Republicans would demand no less. Get other spoilers here.

Finally, CNN and the Tea Party are having a very public affair. CNN will air Michele Bachmann's "response" to the SOTU. All the other networks -- ABC, NBC, CBS, and even Fox -- won't. I guess they want to leave the two lovebirds alone with each other.
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