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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/25/11

Hey, you want a Google Chrome theme? I was goofing around today and I came up with this. Pretty nifty and patriotic, huh? I think the white marble frame was a nice touch. Now here's the news...

Cutting right to the chase: what everyone thought of the SOTU.

While most of the stories about Michele Bachmann's response feature her staring blankly into space, Media Matters takes the time to look at what she said -- and finds it (not surprisingly) all wrong.

On the same subject, Steve Benen compares Shelly's unofficial response to Paul Ryan's official one and finds them pretty much the same, substance-wise. "Paul and Bachmann struck different tones, but they were making the same argument, and both were equally ridiculous," he writes. Joan Walsh has a nice critique of Ryan's rebuttal, while Krugman tears him up.

And yes, Michele Bachmann is a "balloon-head."

Egypt's seeing some unrest. Is Tunisia contagious? Juan Cole has the skinny.

Finally, AP explains to GOPers nationwide why their efforts at "nullification" of the healthcare law aren't as constitutional as they might think. Republicans and 'baggers love the Constitution a lot less when they know what's actually in it.
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