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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/29/11

I'm proofing my sourdough starter right now and things look good. Smells really beery, which is a good thing, since the two byproducts of active yeast are carbon dioxide and alcohol. So I'm doing something right. For my first bread, I'm thinking of dividing a loaf into buns. If all goes well, sourdough burgers tonight. Now here's the news...

WikiLeaks releases a treasure trove of documents on Egypt and you've got to wonder why everything didn't go all to hell a lot sooner.

Relatedly, an op-ed at the magazine Foreign Policy argues that if democracy breaks out in the middle east, we'll have WikiLeaks to thank. "The people of Tunisia shouldn't have had to wait for Wikileaks to learn that the U.S. saw their country just as they did," writes Tom Malinowski. "It's time that the gulf between what American diplomats know and what they say got smaller."

John Bolton comes out in defense of Mubarak.

China seems to be remembering Tiananmen Square and nervously censors all mention of "Egypt" from the state version of Twitter.

Even as Egyptian president Mubarak tries a PR rejiggering of his regime, his hold on power looks increasingly tenuous.

Finally, more US soldiers died from suicide last year than were killed in combat. What the fuck are we doing?
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