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Monday, January 03, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/3/11

Well, that's over with. Now onto the new year. It's still pretty dead out there -- congress isn't in session until Wednesday -- but there are enough people talking about what they want to do that we can probably whip something up. Now here's the news...

First order of business for the 112th House of Representatives: repeal that commie healthcare reform. Of course, it's a doomed effort from the gitgo and entirely symbolic, so that ought to give you a good idea where the new GOP majority is going with that chamber -- nowhere. John Boehner may find that overpromising is going to cost him in the end.

Meanwhile, headline-grabbing empty suit Darrell Issa promises witch hunts. Lots and lots of pointless, expensive, time-consuming witch hunts that will also go nowhere in the end.

Newly elected Tea Party crazy Rep. Alan West says that our top priority as a nation should be to halt the spread of Sharia law in the US. No, really.

That's not to say there isn't any crazy in the Senate. Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham decide the best thing to do about the economy may be to have a crap-your-pants panic and declare the US insolvent.

From the "no kidding?" file: Michael Steele is so gonna lose reelection as RNC chairman.

Top Republican celebrities like Tom Ridge and Rudy Giulliani come out in support of a terrorist group. They may also have broken the law in doing so. I say we waterboard them to see what they know.

Finally, something I heard on CBS News just a bit ago; Jerry Brown has always becomes Governor of California after a Republican movie star leaves the governor's mansion. First Reagan, now the Gubernator. Interesting coincidence.

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