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Monday, January 31, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/31/11

Snow. Apparently for days. Snow, then snow, followed by snow. Send dogs. Now here's the news...

In an act of judicial activism, a federal judge in Florida has ruled that the entire healthcare reform law is unconstitutional. Steve Benen notes that the decision doesn't seem to make any constitutional sense, that both judges who've ruled against the law were Republican appointees, and that the foes of the law haven't actually been very successful, with 2 courts ruling for the law, 2 against, and about 12 courts refusing to hear the cases at all.

Brian Beutler calls the judges decision "extreme activism."

It seems to me that telling everyone in the world that Hosni Mubarak is above reproach isn't really the smartest thing Israel has ever done.

The right is wetting their pants over the Muslim Brotherhood. Too bad they ain't squat.

Jimmy Carter says that Mubarak will have to leave office. The White House is already preparing for a post-Mubarak world.

Finally, Republicans believe that China is way more important than Americans.
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