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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/4/11

You know what we ain't got around here? A lot of snow. It rained after Christmas and now all we have are islands of crusty white stuff dotted a barren winter landscape. You know what we do have? Cold. I hate cold without snow. It's pointless. No here's the news...

About that austerity and how humble and down-to-earth the new Republican majority in the House might be: Politico reports that, at this very moment, a "lavish fundraiser" is being held at a "trendy Washington hotel to benefit a dozen GOP freshmen." At $2,500 a pop to get in, attendees will be expecting a little more than just good government for their money. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it until it finally sinks in: 'baggers are chumps.

A censored Huckleberry Finn? No thanks.

Did Sarah Palin accidentally come out of the closet or did she just screw up with twitter again?

What does "constitutional originalism" mean to Antonin Scalia? Apparently that the values of the 18th century are sacrosanct.

Remember "deem and pass." Remember how it got turned into "demon pass" and was the worst thing ever? Remember how Republicans are always hypocrites about everything?

Post-election, the Obama administration is looking at rejiggering their staff. It always happens, it's always supposed to be big news, and it always seem to have a different deep meaning every time it happens.

Why is your state's budget a mess? Unions, of course. The only other possible explanation would be that states invest in private funds to shore up their revenues, Wall Street went belly up recently, and the obvious consequences happened consequentially. Apparently, no Republican governor or legislature remembers anything like this happening.

The Tin Man gets a heart.

Once again, Obama polling mirrors Reagan.

Finally, Fox News disagrees with what Fox News reports -- simultaneously.

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