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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Stories to Watch: 1/6/11

Man, you should see my sidewalk. I don't know how it happened, but it's like all the snow on the roof melted at once. It's freakin' skating rink out there so, if you're planing on coming to visit me, wear a helmet and pads. Now here's the news...

It's official; repealing healthcare reform will cost Americans $230 billion -- numbers straight from the CBO. Since this is unvarnished truth, conservatives say it's the the worst thing ever. Nevertheless, dems hope to give the GOP a black eye over their doomed and pointless little repeal stunt.

Two Republican Constitution-humpers violate the Constitution the first day congress was back in session. Turns out they were at a big-money fundraising, instead of being sworn in. Then they came back and voted -- without taking the oath of office. Remember that one time a president had to retake his oath -- before he could be allowed to do anything -- because a certain Supreme Court justice screwed things up? Yeah, turns out the GOP is a lot looser with the Sacred Constitution when it's their asses in a sling over it.

In related news, Constitution-humpers Michele Bachmann and Steve King skipped the ritual reading of that same Constitution today. I couldn't think of two who could benefit from taking a glance at it more. In fact, King needs to read it more.

The GOP took cuts in defense spending off the table. The Defense Department just put it back on. In doing so, the Obama administration comes within shouting distance of the $100 billion in cuts that the GOP abandoned.

Bill O'Reilly takes anti-science to a pre-Newtonian low.

John Boehner is another GOPer who apparently hasn't given any serious thought to cutting spending.

Finally, Family Research Council's Bryan Fischer has a woody for China's internet censorship.

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