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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stories to Watch: 2/17/11

I'm finally getting the hang of this sourdough thing. I've been making bread, but it hasn't been rising the way I'd hoped. So yesterday, I made some dough, let it rest an hour, punched down what little rising it had done, then covered it, and put it in the fridge overnight. I figured that would slow, but not stop, the rising and I'd bake it the next day.

I got up today, checked, and saw the dough had barely risen. So I pulled the dough out, turned on the oven for a few minutes to warm it up, and stuck the loaf in there for an "assisted" rise. Took off like a shot. I rose the hell outta that dough. Now I got me a loaf of actual sandwich-worthy bread and I'm not going to do things any other way from now on. Now here's the news...

The nation amazed to discover Democrats with guts living in Wisconsin. Such a creature was long thought to be extinct. National Democrats rub up against them in hopes that gutsiness is catching. Here's hoping it is, because from what I've seen, these protests make the tea party look like a Boy Scout meeting. This is what it really looks like when the people hit the streets.

In related news, the anecdotal evidence I've been seeing is confirmed: Wisconsinites are none too happy with Walker's scheme to bust unions.

Karl Rove hates on the birthers. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann kisses their butt.

The GOP seems set on burning through whatever goodwill voters have toward them with a Gingrich-like plan to shut down government. Already, John Boehner is being forced to pretend he gives a crap about unemployment.

Finally, here's the next octogenarian Glenn Beck will sic his psychos on.
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