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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stories to Watch: 2/24/11

Hey, Google has a recipe search now. Pretty cool. Now here's the news...

That didn't take long. The Wisconsin AFL-CIO already has an ad featuring Scott Walker's phone call with "David Koch."

This shows that, far from being the "prank" the media has tried to put it across as, the phone call is a real problem that brings up substantive issues. And it's not going away any time soon.

Rolling Stone reports that the Army tried to pull Jedi mind tricks on Senators. This is bad, bad news and the second scandal among top military brass the magazine has exposed.

Kaddifi still clings to power. It seems to be an ever thinner reed, though. And yeah, I spell that differently every time I write his name.

Coverage of the issues behind Scott Walker's battle with unions is dominated by "Economic nonsense" being "reported as fact," says investigative journalist David Cay Johnston. Long story short, the coverage of the issue has been ridiculously simplistic and way too accepting of Walker's mumbo-jumbo. As a result, it's been all wrong.

Some crazy leftie organization claims the GOP's budget plans are a recipe for economic disaster. Who are these wild-eye commies? Goldman Sachs.

Finally, 22% of Americans believe the healthcare law has already been repealed. 26% don't know for sure. This is actually really bad news for Tea Party types, since it means everyone's tired of the issue and have wandered off.
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