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Monday, February 28, 2011

Stories to Watch: 2/28/11

I added a better popup blogger last night and it works great -- a little too great. I was trying to write my post this morning and nothing was working. Turns out I had to whitelist blogger. Oops! Seems to screw with Tumblr too, which is a minor problem. I haven't decided whether I'm sticking with it or whether I'll uninstall it. I guess it depends; if it's more annoying than the popups, out it goes. Now here's the news...

Scott Walker's resorting to efforts of questionable legality to keep crowd size down in the Wisconsin State Capitol. Last night's humiliation must have stung. That's not the worst of it. Follow the link to see just what assholes Wisconsin Republicans can be.

In related news, if we had a do-over on the elections, Tom Barret would be governor in a 7-point win. Keep that in mind the next time you hear Walker talk about his silent majority.

Meanwhile, Walker reiterates his threat to shoot his hostages.

Wisconsin really is ground zero in a war against the middle class.

RIP Frank W. Buckles, who was the last living US veteran of WWI.

And RIP Jane Russell.

Finally, it's official: the GOP is literally anti-jobs. A new report says the GOP's budget plans would cost 700,000 jobs and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels can hardly contain his glee.
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