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Friday, March 04, 2011

Griper Blade: Republicans' Love/Hate Relationship with Democracy

Trash can marked 'vote here'Wisconsin Republicans are getting desperate. As a standoff with the people of Wisconsin and fourteen absent Democratic Senators stretches out into it's third week, it's safe to say things are not going as the GOP and Gov. Walker had envisioned. Polling shows them losing the public, several members face almost certain recall elections, and every day brings another embarrassing misstep, as the Walker administration tries to tamp down the protests at the Capitol. Just another day at work for Scooter Walker and the Wisconsin Politically Tone Deaf Orchestra.

And so, they're trying everything (short of the most obvious thing in the world; compromise) to put this Cheddar and Beer Rebellion to an end. Earlier this week, Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald led the passage of a bill that would fine the absent Democrats, who had left the state to deny the chamber a quorum, one-hundred dollars for every day they skipped out on the vote. That plan lasted the five minutes it took for everyone to realize that it was an illegal bill of attainder and no Democrat had anything to fear from it.

Then yesterday, Fitz made a big show of signing a second Hail Mary pass in the center of the State Senate...[CLICK TO READ FULL POST]

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