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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stories to Watch: 3/10/11

One day snow, the next mud. Then snow, then mud. Lather, rinse, repeat. Now here's the news...

Keith Ellison breaks down at Peter King's "OMG! MUSLIMS!" hearings. Extra: if you want to get extremely pissed off, read the comment thread. For some reason, usless rightwing bastards like to comment on stories at The Hill. Wipe the lousy taste from your mouth with a spin through Wonkette's comment thread.

Forbes' E.D. Kain argues that Wisconsin's GOP "victory" on union-busting is the beginning of the end for the party.

Some frootloop sent death threats to Wisconsin senators, so of course people who don't like the bill -- i.e., two-thirds of Wisconsin -- are murderous lunatics.

E.J. Dionne points out that Wisconsin Democrats have something that national dems lack -- a backbone. Where Sconny dems grabbed the narrative with both hands and told it where to sit, making the GOP the bad guys right from the start, national dems dither and switch sides and generally fail to get their shit together.

The Koch brothers hired sockpuppets to rewrite Koch entries. The sockpuppets got banned.

In somewhat-related news, Peter King tries to rewrite history.

Finally, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer really sucks at thinking on her feet.
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